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Marjolein Schoe graduated from Utrecht University in February 2007 as Master of Science in Animal Biology, with an interest in ethology and ecology. For her first internship she studied grooming and consolation behaviour in a group of captive chimpanzees in Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem. At the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) of Leiden University she did her second internship, studying the ecology of lions in Bénoué National Park, North Cameroon. Where she looked at social structure, home ranges, habitat use, movements and morphometrics of a small lion population. After her studies, Marjolein Schoe stayed involved in lion projects as a temporary (GIS-) researcher at the CML, working on lion movement in Waza NP and Bénoué NP in Cameroon and Amboseli NP in Kenya. Her primary research interests are (international) nature conservation and animal ecology and human-carnivore interaction. Since graduation she was seasonally involved as a field member with a neotropical bat-project in Costa Rica and a bird conservation-project in Western Australia. In her spare time, Marjolein Schoe is driver for the Society of Animals Rescue Ambulance in Hilversum and environs and member of the Dutch Society for the Study and Conservation of Mammals (VZZ) and as such assisting in national bat projects.

By M. Schoe